The Einstein Alive! Study Guide touches on all the key concepts covered in both my Einstein Alive! elementary and middle school programs. It is certainly not necessary for the students to know everything in the guide--but younger students in particular will benefit from knowing a little about who Einstein was and how things move.

Visit the Einstein Alive! website to see videos of Einstein answering frequently asked questions and lots of other good stuff. You can see more of my work on my Storytelling website.

I hope you find my websites and the Study Guides useful. I am always interested in hearing how you were able to use the Study Guide and any ways in which I could improve them. I look forward to performing for your school or Arts Organization.

Download the Einstein Alive! Study Guide
Einstein Alive! Study Guide (pdf file)

See the Einstein Alive! webpage


Download the Marc Spiegel Storytelling Study Guide
Storytelling Study Guide (pdf file)

See the Marc Spiegel Storytelling webpage